Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Punch of Polka Dots

JCrew unveiled some of it's new Fall line this morning on it's website.  Ohdeargoodness everything is adorable!  Loads of polka dots which leads to nothing left in my wallet.  I am definitely hopping on the polka dot train right now. Not sure if it reminds me of my blissful childhood or what, but I love it! However, since I checked the website at 6:45 this morning, I have been indecisive as to which Tippi sweaters to order.  My mind is going back and forth with outfit ideas for all three. However, ordering all three would be a little glutenous.  I'm trying to end that habit of liking something and ordering EVERY SINGLE color in it. I need to diversify my wardrobe a little. 

I plan on doubling this up with some of my polka dot button ups from JCrew.  I have this and this. Which Tippi should I pair them with?!
I need your help What's your top pick?! Help before they're all gone!



or the classic...

carbon sandstone

Thanks, in advance, y'all for your help!!

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  1. JCrew literally kills my credit card / bank account every single time! It's all so good!