Tuesday, July 3, 2012

See Ya Later!

Phipps and I are headed back to Atlanta as we speak. Definitely a mix of emotions- I'll miss staying up late doing goodnessknowswhat with my mom, sleeping in just in time to hear Kathie Lee and Hoda say good morning, going from pajamas to bikini and back to pajamas on a daily basis, having my routine of a daily walk or run be alongside the beach, grabbing a late night milkshake or Sonic blast, and the biggest decision of the day being what we'll have for dinner.  I still have a month of summer vacation left, but I am headed back earlier than normal to prepare for first grade camp at my school.  I'm excited to earn the extra money for savings and new fall trends, as well as meet new little first grade faces early.  It'll be nice to head back to the city to hang with Ben and my friends.  I think I'm not as sad because I know deep down that I'll probably head back to the beach for one last week of fun before I have to put the teacher hat back on again.

Have fun tomorrow, everyone!

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