Monday, July 9, 2012

Though Very Humble {Etsy}

I always knew when I started my blog this summer that I wanted to have some sort of personal illustration accompanied with my posts.  Phipps is such a large part of my life that I wanted her to be part of it, too.  I inquired with many other bloggers looking for references.  With a teacher's budget and this blog not being a major source of income, I needed to find someone who would be able to create what I wanted without a large price tag.

In one of my late night, online shopping ventures I discovered Linda from Little Tin Soldier. Like myself, she is also a teacher, but creates awesome outfit/paper doll illustrations on the side.  Her paper dolls are absolutely precious!!  I immediately contacted her and sent a few outfit pics. I could not be happier with the finished product!  She was so patient as I asked her to add and/or remove certain items in the illustrations.  She willingly did so and followed up with a proof each time.  With a price tag of $28, I couldn't be happier.  I purchased two paper dolls- one for my blog and one for teacher correspondence. I feel complete now!

Thanks, Linda, for such a great illustration as a finishing touch to my blog header! 

Don't you think you need your very own personal paper doll?  
Read, Set, Shop @ Little Tin Solider!!
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