Friday, August 10, 2012

A Week Thru Instagram

Words are not enough to express how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday.  I am out of "school shape."  I went from lounging on the beach, late nights and sleeping in, days without getting dressed, no to-do lists to tons of parent emails, 10 minutes to scarf down my lunch at the copy machine, waking up before the sun comes up and trying to keep my eyes open until the sun goes down. 

Admist the school chaos...

New Stella&Dot silver jewels~ it's been a while since I've worn silver // 
Wearing my glittery princess slippers {according to my firsties} // 
Chambray & Mustard dots with JCrew giraffe chainlink necklace //
Stripes and Stella&Dot Bib Necklace for dinner with Pops 

 Treated myself to an end of the week Essie manicure // 
Still trying to survive the heat while hoping for cooler weather with these new JCrew finds // 
Inspiration to keep a smile // "Bright" motivation from Newton to avoid the
 after school nap and head to the gym 

Braves game with friends with a city view for a change // First blog giveaway // 
Preparing a classroom for a "whaley" good school year // Olympics 2012 {When are the 
closing ceremonies already? I need to return to a normal bedtime.}

Life is still good! 

Lately I've been overwhelmed with endless tasks to cross off the list, but despite my bloodshot eyes and the Santa sacks under my eyes, I remain very thankful for every bit of it. 

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