Thursday, August 9, 2012

Busy Days :: Outfit

First week back in school and I'm BEyond exhausted.  I have to push myself not to grab an afternoon nap and skip the gym. With this being my tenth year, I guess there's no better way to celebrate on the first day than have a child wander off and get on a random, yes RANDOM, bus because he was tired of waiting on his mom in carpool.  I spent my entire Monday afternoon on a wild goose chase trying to get the little fella back to school and then home to mom.  Needless to say, I indulged in a much needed cocktail when I got home and more.

Because I'm using all of my creativity at school, I'm too tired to even think of something clever or insightful to post.  I don't want to neglect my little blog, though. So, I'll just update everyone on the "#ootd" shots~ a few images shot on my way out of the door.

Hey there little fella!
Top:  Madewell Overdot Tee // Pants:  Target {love their skinny jeans lately} // Belt: JCrew {older} // 

I should have known when I wore these glittery toppers that I would have several little 6 year olds "oooing" and "ahhing"" at my princess slippers.  Yes, that's what they were called. Tiny hands kept trying to rub them all day long.

I think I've been grabbing brighter pieces to keep me awake~ good thing tomorrow is Friday!
 Here's to smoother days ahead!

My Rent the Runway surprise arrived yesterday.  The BIG event is tomorrow! I'll be sure to snap some pics and keep you posted on my first experience with the company and my rented, little Tibi number. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway!! A winner will be selected tomorrow!!!

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