Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall :: Drab/Fab

In the past, fall has always meant a transition to pieces with more of a muted color.  I was never one to pull out the brights to add to my basic fall tones. At the end of summer, my box of brights would be neatly packed away and the earth tones would make their appearance. I think this year I'll mix it up and add that extra "pop" to my wardrobe.   I'll leave out a few brights to enjoy for the cooler months. 

Why not?! Who said there are specific colors for every season?
I think the brightness turns the fall drab into fall fab.
~Something that's so easy to do~
melon sherbert & taupe
Easter mint & lipstick red
sunshine yellow & oatmeal
fiery orange & black
bright blue & navy

I'll definitely be adding colors from Crayola's box to my wardrobe.
Fire-Engine Red
Big Dip O' Ruby
Illuminating Emerald
Razzmic Berry
Cosmic Cobalt 
Lemon Glacier

I've always wondered if being a teacher would help me with fashion.
Special thanks to the little one who brought in the 64 count color box today. It was the highlight of my day.

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