Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Loafer Lust

Okay, I know purchasing a few of these can only take place in a dream world, but Loeffler Randall has some to-die-for shoes for fall. 
The Blaise Flat Moccasins and Printed Calf Hair Loafer definitely make a statement. Liz {Sequins & Stripes} tweeted a few days ago about the moccasins, so I had to take a look.  I'm in love with every.single.pair, especially after snagging this pair over the summer.  
I have a company credit to use, so I need to make a decision fast before they are all taken!

If they were heels, saying no would be much easier! 
Flats like these are so versatile for working, shopping, or 
going out for dinner~ it's hard to turn away!