Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Midweek Mutter

This week has been tough to say the least. I'm wearing myself slap OUT!

While I wish I could find my normal self walking into my closet each morning like this...
{Let's face it- sometimes I do!}

I find myself doing this instead...

I honestly think it's lack of sleep. Isn't that what almost every foul mood is linked to in the end? I've read so many blog posts lately where bloggers have vowed to cut off laptops and social media after a certain point in the evening.  I would absolutely LOVE to do this. It would be nice to get into bed at a decent hour and wake up the 1st time my alarm goes off and not the 50th.

It's just not possible. Little bodies consume My time to catch up with the blog world is in the evenings. I love it. I look forward to it.  So how do you juggle it all?! {A full-time job, following blogs, reading about trends, keeping in shape... all while maintaining your sanity and your relationships.}  I count down the days until the weekend and fill the calendar with Saturday chores in hopes to get ahead for the next week. {yea right!}

In moments like this, I have to stop, go to my inbox and pull up an 
old email from my mom with this little gem. 
{After all, doesn't mom know best?} 

It doesn't answer how to juggle the daily grind.  
{I'm hoping that answer will come once the school year gets going.}

But what it does do is help me to stop focusing on tomorrow 
and start enjoying today for exactly what it is and what it brings me.

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