Thursday, August 16, 2012

Switching It Up

I usually dread season changes because it means hauling clothing from my loft down to the basement and then back up again.  I love my loft, but with limited space I have to switch out my closets for each season. It's a project that takes an entire weekend.

This year, I'm ready. I could not be more excited for the days to cool off, the leaves to begin changing into their brighter colors, and to dust off the 'ol boots.  I'm ready for fall.  Recent purchases have all been for cooler weather.  I'm ready to take a break from my brights and head into earth tones and holiday sparkles.  

Here are a few things I've either already picked up or are on the list to become MINE, all mine, reallll soon! 
These are the finishing touches to being ready for fall!

  love that Tumblr!

*LL Bean Short Duck Boots~ Not sure why I want these considering the mega drought we are under.  The nightly news reminds me of this every night. Perhaps, I should heed their warnings and save for an increased grocery bill... but grocery bills aren't cute and THESE are!! 

*Love these ILY Couture baubles!! Perfect for adding a pop of color to more subtle fall hues.

*Zara Peplum Jacket~ This just came in the mail. The minute the wind begins to blow just a smidge, you'll find me in this jacket. 
It's even cuter in person!!

*JCrew Field Jacket in Navy.  I bought this a few years ago in an Army green color and had to get the navy as soon as I saw it.  I guarantee you, people will stop to ask you where it came from.

*JCrew Oiled MacAlister Boot. Got these during the summer 30% off sale.  Can't wait to roll up my skinny jeans, throw on a cute pair of striped socks and sport these booties with shimmery gold laces.

*Kate Spade Cora Loafer. I've seen too many adorable outfits paired with these that I had to make the gold glitter mine. 
Glitter and bows all-in-one is perfect-for-me!

*JCrew Wool Flannel Schoolboy Blazer in Heather Caramel.  This is by far my favorite color.  It's the perfect go with anything blazer for fall.  It's on my wish list for now, but hope to have it hanging in my closet soon.

*Colored Cords.  A steal of a deal from Target by Mossimo, not lying!  Love the fit and feel of these comfy cords.  With this price, you can afford to buy every color.

Knowing me, I am sure there will be more added to my *wishes.* 
However, right now- we're just waiting for a windy day to cool us down in Atlanta.
 Here's to hoping this weekend's rainy forecast makes our cool down wishes come true!

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