Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Fall At All

Signs of fall are plastered all over blogs and stores right now...
the boots...

the layered prints and mixed patterns...

and the comfy cozy sweaters.

But let's face it...the only thing missing is COOLER weather to enjoy these additions to our closets.
 I've been building my wardrobe with new pieces in anticipation for this next season.
I've been bookmarking fall looks that I want to recreate.
 I am like a giddy kid at Christmas waiting to be able to layer my popover shirts 
with my Tippi sweaters, but it just "ain't happening."  
I'm still breaking into a sweat walking to my car. 

I'm stuck in summer... ready to retire many pieces for a year, but I can't. 
So, I'll continue to slowly work in a few new pieces while deep down knowing
I could make it look so much better if I could just add another layer.
After four years of working at J.Crew, one thing I walked away with is-
"The Third Piece. A look is never complete until you have that third piece."

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