Friday, September 21, 2012

Game Day :: Outfit

In the south, tailgating for college football games is close to NYFW {not really, but you get the point}. 
Picking what you'll wear to the game is a HUGE ordeal.
Fans outside of the south tend to think it's a bit much and way over dressed for football.
As I've gotten older, I am more into the game, having fun, and being comfortable.
I'm no longer sitting outside of a stadium sweating to death at a tailgate.
Although, it's cooling down a little, we still have really warm days down here.
Nowadays, I find myself sitting inside the local Gator bar, cooled by the A/C,
and a yummy draft in my hand!
Nothing glamorous- just a simple way to wear my team's colors without over doing it 
for college football at a local hole in the wall. 

 Top:  JCrew Factory // Shorts: JCrew Chinos // Shoes:  Old Navy
Jewels:  Necklace c/o EBay, Michael Kors watch, Kate Spade Take A Bow Bangle,

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Happy Friday!


  1. Cute! I'd definitely wear this look to a tailgate. Go Gators!

  2. Perfect outfit to hopefully watch the Gators win!

  3. Cute outfit! My husband is a Gators fan, so I'll cheer for them when it doesn't conflict with Bama. :) I like this outfit a lot and think it's perfect for a more casual look now. I wish I had gone to a school or currently attended games where I got to dress up. We're more of a school tshirt and shorts kind of team. I hope you have a good weekend!

  4. Love your outfit! The colors are perfect while still looking chic as hell. Have a great weekend! xx, Allie

  5. While I'm not much of a gator fan, I'm loving this outfit on you!

    xo, Emily

  6. I just brought up this same point on someone else's post! I noticed the west coast keeps it way more casual when it comes to tailgating...No sundresses or pearls around here. But I think it's great that you guys get dolled up for game days! Loving the shoes!

  7. I love your blog! You have an amazing sense of style:) This is the perfect casual outfit.

  8. Taylor!
    First of all, super cute outfit. I love all the jewels! As long as I can remember, you've always had great style...even at the barn. Secondly, I can't believe I stumbled upon your blog through Friday's Fancies! The title of your blog caught my eye so I clicked over and read the "about me" section and realized it was you! So glad to have found your adorable blog! You can find me at
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Oh, and I'm now following...

  9. Lookin good! I'm taking my son up to Gainesville on Thursday for a college tour...may have a Gator in the house next year!