Monday, October 8, 2012

Sapphire Hues :: Outfit

I'm in love with bright blues right now, so I was quite excited when 
I snagged this closet addition recently at Urban Outfitters.
Perfect for my first fall wedding of the season!

Dress:  Urban Outfitters // Shoes:  Loeffler Randall

We're on the road back to Atlanta today.
Back to the daily grind!
Hope you had a nice, FUN weekend.
Happy Monday!


  1. That dress is a gorgeous color on you, and I must say I'm obsessed with your pumps!

  2. This is an absolutely adorable dress on you!! LOVE! Also, there is a movie... Meg Ryan and Seth from The OC.. what is it? In the Land of Women??? Not the best flick ever, but I swear this street looks just like the one they lived on in the movie. Bizarre, I know... I'm a visual person. At any rate, again, love your outfit! Happy Fall Wedding Hopping!

  3. Cute dress and shoes!!! Love it!


  4. I love this dress and don't even get me started on the shoes - you know I'm a sucker for polka dots!

  5. love the dress! great color! visiting from Real Girl Glam!