Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year Over... And A New One Just Begun

It's the last day of 2012! Like many other bloggers have said, this year has been one filled
with great memories and the everso famous perfect and not so perfect moments.

 I am honestly so grateful for the life that I have, the opportunities that I have encountered,
 and the people that have been part of it all.

Peach Gingham was started less than a year ago while on summer vacation at my family's
beach house.  It has been quite a learning experience and has challenged me in
more ways than I can express. Actually doing an outfit post was a HUGE step for me!
I can be quite critical of photos of myself. Honestly, many photo shoots never made
it to the blog because of the scrutiny each one experienced. :) Slowly, I am
learning it's not about me, but more so about the creativity of putting a few pieces
of clothing together. My love for blogs started when I saw how each one
 sparked new ideas for me, personally.

Thanks for making Peach Gingham part of your daily routine and for
encouraging me to pursue a hidden passion.

Here's to 2013- the experiences that will mold us, opportunities that will challenge us,
and a renewed outlook for another great year!

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  1. I have so enjoyed getting to know you, Taylor, by way of Peach Gingham! Happiest of New Years to you!!

    Best in 2013!! Whitley