Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Neon & Seersucker :: Outfit

After a week at the beach with my family, I headed back to Atlanta on Friday to celebrate "the boy's" birthday and catch up with friends at a baby shower.  It was definitely a jam packed weekend of special events.
I've slowly acquired almost every color in these studs!

Top:  JCrew Blythe Blouse in Neon Rose // Pants:  JCrew Seersucker {old style} // 

After a while, someone became a little impatient and wanted to go on a walk. 

Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Neutrals :: Outfit

On one of my last nights at the beach with my parents, we went to our favorite restaurant around the corner from our house, PLAE {People Laughing And Eating}.  I just walked in the door from going to pick up this and trying to find birthday & baby shower gifts, so I was exhausted, hungry, and delirious. The only thing I wanted was comfort!
 While we were waiting to be seated, I snapped a few pictures of the "ootd."  Unfortunately, when I uploaded the pictures, I deleted basically every image except this goofy one. Seriously?! {Nice pose} I'll blame it on the insane heat. 
How cool is this rugged bench?!

Skirt:  Forever21 // Top: JCrew Cotton Ruffle Tank {old} // Sandals:  Jack Rogers Gold Navajos //

Shop more Stella and Dot pieces here in my online trunk show.

Hope you had a nice weekend!!

Gifts for the Mister

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball Sleeve // Ray-Ban Wayfarer {larger frame #4147/ original frame #2140} //

I never have a problem being the birthday fairy or playing Santa Claus. When I have some leads, I truly enjoy preparing little surprises for someone's special day. Here are some ideas for the Mister in your life during his special day of the year. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go Team USA!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 
While I'm red, white, and blue all the way, I'm excited to watch all of UF's athletes compete in London's Summer Olympics.  
This weekend, I'll be glued to the games. I look forward to seeing Ryan Lochte during the men's swimming heats, but honestly, every.single.event is fun to watch and experience.

I love all the patriotism in the air with the Summer Olympics beginning! It's definitely a special time.
Go USA!!

{Images 1, 2, 3}

Friday, July 27, 2012

Online Inspiration

Peach Gingham would not be here if it were not for a few blogs that I stalk on a daily basis.  They served as the inspiration for the design, tone, direction, and growth of my personal style blog. I have even emailed a few of these bloggers to gain their words of wisdom for entering the blog world. I'm sure you follow some of the same ones that I do. They're so great at what they do, they're hard to miss!

Here are just a few of my favorites on my Google Reader blog roll:

I hope you'll find as much inspiration from these girls as I did! Have fun exploring!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chambray Shimmer :: Outfit

On Tuesday evening, I had dinner with my parents at our favorite little french restaurant, Le Clos.  I always look forward to coming down here, away from the city, and enjoying dinner with my parents. I'm sad that once the school year begins, these moments tend to be few and far between.  Life gets busy and it's hard to get away!  

We found this little nook behind the restaurant to snap a few pics.  No one was back there, but a little stray cat.  
He wasn't very happy that we were disturbing his evening nap.

 Top:  JCrew Chambray // JCrew Colorblock Sequin Tank // Shorts:  JCrew Chino // 
Sandals:  JCrew {old} // Sunglasses: Anthropologie {similar style}

This is what happens after taking quite a few snaps.

Happy Thursday! Hope you're having a great week!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ten Things

A few of my favorite blogs have opened up about personal things that are kind of neat to know. We can all post about the latest trends, items we've purchased, outfits we have worn, or pieces on our wish list; but, it's also cool to find out more about the person behind the blog. It makes all of this REAL, instead of a portrayed online image of perfection.

I've added my own twist to this idea, so here it goes...

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me

1.  I am a natural redhead.  Yep- that blonde hair can be quite pricey to maintain.  My natural hair color is auburn.  I have every color of hair you can imagine in my head, naturally.  However, many years ago I decided to get blonde highlights.  As time passed, it has gotten blonder and blonder.  I would post a picture of the auburn locks, but it's been so long since I've had it- I don't have one loaded on my computer.  Let's just say the jokes can get old.  However, I do look at Hollywood actresses and their firey locks and have pondered going au natural, just to be different. 

2.  Going off the redhead secret, you'd think I would follow the stereotype of redheads having pale white skin and unable to tan.  Not true here! {Well, it was when I was growing up.} Tan skin came with a trip to Hawaii and a palmful of this magic potion. 

3. I struggle saying the word envelope.  I am a teacher.  I help children learn sounds and how to enunciate words, but saying the word envelope takes some major concentration.  It seriously comes out envelomp if I'm not careful.

4.  I hate shopping for greeting cards.  It is the most frustrating thing to do for me.  It's probably because I wait until the last minute and run to Target or Publix,  where I am presented with the corniest, most insincere cards ever. I get so frustrated because friends have given me the 'perfect' card and, yet, I find ones that make zero sense.  I literally walk away from the aisle empty-handed, muttering "I should have started a card making business!" If you ever get a present without a card and you're wondering who the gift is from, it's probably from me. 
Love notepads and stationary... Hate finding the perfect card!

5.  I worked part-time at JCrew for three years and had to quit because it literally formed an addiction.  I would buy stuff just because I could get it so cheap. Forget being a personal stylist- I would shop my ENTIRE shift, totally oblivious that there are customers needing my help.   It wasn't that I didn't want to help shoppers, I just couldn't stop daydreaming of how I'd style the pieces surrounding me.

6. My favorite song of all time has to be Sublime's Santeria.  If there's a live band somewhere, I'm Johnny-on-the-Spot asking if they can play it.  Nope, it's not okay for a girl to belt at the top of her lungs, "I'd pop a cap in Sancho and I'd smack her down."
If you haven't heard the song, you need to go NOW to listen to it.  It's a fun tune.  You'll probably sing along like I do, without even realizing what you're saying/singing. 

7. I struggle with accepting compliments.  If you ever give me one, please do not think I am rude when I completely downplay it.  I honestly I have to apologize to many people, as well as thank them profusely after I realize what has transpired. 

8.  I'm not a self-promoting person {yes, even though I have this blog and just became a Stella & Dot stylist.}  I abhor selling things to people or promoting myself to advance in life. I won Teacher of the Year this year and couldn't bring myself to tell my classroom parents. It's going to be a major struggle to park in my snazzy parking spot this year with my name on it.  Talk about embarrassing! I'm completely grateful, I just struggle with the attention of it all. 
Becoming a Stella and Dot stylist came along as a way for me to connect myself to fashion without leaving my job as an educator. Plus, I just love every.single.piece that I own. I guess this is a personal challenge for me to step out of my comfort zone. 

9.  I avoid outfit posts with me in them because I hate seeing myself in pictures.  I enjoy them the most on other blogs, but struggle to do more on my own blog.  I'll take pictures, but then opt out of the post because I have critiqued the images too much. I'm working on it and promise to have more. I know it helps in styling your own similar pieces. 

10.  Number Ten will be a mix of random things-
-My Favorite Nail Color:  Essie "Fiji" 
{It's the perfect neutral color, but you can still tell you have on polish.}

-I've never kept a diary, but I do have a planner where I write down every thing I do in a day. I save them and look back to see "What was I doing on this day 3 years ago?" (Nerd.)

-I can hardly watch a movie without a pen and notepad in hand to make a list of things I need to do, or without getting up to adjust crooked picture frames in my line of sight.  If you're with me and I'm not doing this, it means I fell asleep during the movie.

-I can argue with a tree.  Yep, it's terrible. 
Others call it arguing/fighting, I call it proving my point. 
I need to work on it, ask my mom or my boyfriend, Ben.

-Finally, I have to remind myself daily to stop and smell the roses. If not, I'll overwhelm myself
with tasks to complete or things to worry about. Savor every moment!
This blog is helping me to do just that.  

Thereyahaveit!  A few little things about the blogger behind Peach Gingham. Hope you're still hanging in there to this point.  Now it's your turn!

{Images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


1. John Lewis // 2. Laurence // 3. MacLaren // 4. Victoria // 5. Blue Bow

I have to admit, I have an obsession with fascinators.  Ever since Will & Kate's royal wedding, I find myself looking at them with such adoration.  I think they are so much fun and really add that touch to a special occasion.  
We are quite fashionable here in the US, why haven't we embraced such a fun fashion accessory?

This summer, I attended a black-tie wedding in South Carolina.  
The morning of the wedding, I found a fun fascinator while shopping around a few cute boutiques.  
What started out as a joke ended up being a part of my wedding attire.  
After all, Carrie Bradshaw/SJP has been spotted wearing one!
Yes, I went out on a limb and tried it... and yes, I was the only one wearing one.  
{Hey, you only live once!}  

Shop around on-line and take a look at a few. 
I think you'll be quite surprised how beautiful and fun some of them really are. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Black Tie Affair

With a few weddings coming up, the search has been on for something perfect to wear.   I've been drawn to all things maxi lately.
A long dress allowing comfort and movement, so I can have fun during these special evenings.  

While perusing the internet, I came across the idea of Rent the Runway.  I've never rented an item or, even more, borrowed an item from a friend to wear for a special occasion, so this is something totally new to me. I've always had a thing about it being mine, in fear of something going wrong while wearing it. But for some reason, I'm really thinking about trying this RTR idea {just for theheckofit}.  Wearing a designer gown for a fraction of the price, all while getting that thrill! I could live without the guilt of paying the price for something I'd only wear 2 times.  This month's First-Timer Special of $50 off makes it hard to pass up!

If something doesn't grab my attention while shopping with my mom at the beach this week, 
I might have to most definitely try the RTR route.


Definitely a new concept for me!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Cheers to the Weekend!

Happy Friday!!

First grade camp is over {Hallelujah! Those five year olds wear me out!} and come Sunday, I'm leavin' on a jetplane.  With the school year starting in just two weeks, I am headed south for one last week of summer sun and relaxation.  Hope you have something FUN planned for the weekend!!

By the way- isn't this bar cart awesome?! It's featured on the Glitter Guide today!
I'd love to have this one for the loft.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Punch of Polka Dots

JCrew unveiled some of it's new Fall line this morning on it's website.  Ohdeargoodness everything is adorable!  Loads of polka dots which leads to nothing left in my wallet.  I am definitely hopping on the polka dot train right now. Not sure if it reminds me of my blissful childhood or what, but I love it! However, since I checked the website at 6:45 this morning, I have been indecisive as to which Tippi sweaters to order.  My mind is going back and forth with outfit ideas for all three. However, ordering all three would be a little glutenous.  I'm trying to end that habit of liking something and ordering EVERY SINGLE color in it. I need to diversify my wardrobe a little. 

I plan on doubling this up with some of my polka dot button ups from JCrew.  I have this and this. Which Tippi should I pair them with?!
I need your help What's your top pick?! Help before they're all gone!



or the classic...

carbon sandstone

Thanks, in advance, y'all for your help!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I Wore~ Weekend Style

I've been on the go lately and haven't really haven't been thinking about capturing the last few outfits that I've worn on my camera.  So tonight, I decided to recreate the pieces I've worn lately while out with friends and around the city.  I have admit~ my look has been simple and comfortable. 

{ Friday Evening Dinner }

Honestly, I've been boycotting my heels and living in my Jack Rogers.  
Definitely not as sexy, but sometimes comfort leads to more fun with the girls!

{ Saturday Brunch and Shopping }

Michael Kors Watch // Stella&Dot Bianca Tassel // Stella&Dot Renegade // 
JCrew Enamel Stripe Pave Bracelet // JCrew Silk Dot // JCrew Chino // 

{ Saturday Low Key Evening }
JCrew Cotton Ruffle Tank // Ann Taylor Loft Ankle Skinnies // 
Kate Spade Take A Bow Bangle // Coral Bauble Necklace {ebay} // 

Yes, there are some repeat offenders, but I like to call them my classics.  Several of my pieces I wear every single day because they are versatile and comfortable. Isn't that what we all go for sometimes in investment pieces? I'm finding myself more and more looking for pieces that will remain classic.

What does your weekend wardrobe look like?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wish List

I never complain when life is crazy because I'd rather have lots to do than have a blank social calendar.  However, this week I am E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D!! On top of teaching first grade readiness camp at school, I am trying to recover from a weekend visit from my high school best friend.  She came to Atlanta from our little south Georgia hometown to indulge in girlie drinks, mexican food, and most importantly- shopping!  She left with her arms loaded down with bags from adorable boutiques in our city.  However, I (on the other hand) wasn't as lucky.  Perhaps it's because I have had my eye on a few things and I'm trying to be 'good' until I find them!  

There's a buzz of excitement going around Atlanta because C. Wonder is coming to Lenox!! I absolutely can't wait.  I'm already making my shopping list and plan on arriving early the day it opens!

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's Friday!

Does anyone else say "It's Friday!" and automatically break into Rebecca Black's catchy tune in their head? Cheesy, yes! But, I always do it. So here's my Instagram Weekly Review. It's been a busy one! During the summer, Fridays are bittersweet.  It is usually my favorite day of the week, but during this time of year it is a small reminder that another week has gone by and the new school year is just around the corner. My days of doing nothing all while getting paid are almost over. However, I have to be thankful for a job that allows me to have two months off to just enjoy life!
{My recap}
1. Polka dot skirt (Nordstrom) // Chambray (JCrew)
2. DIY dot painting experiment for my room
3.  New finds from Anthropologie
4. New book~ Cupcakes & Cashmere by Emily Schuman
5. Loft tour (view here)
6. Stella&Dot Baubles
7. Hamburglar look with my converse
8.  Another DIY Modge Podge to a work file cabinet
9. My home away from home

Have a great weekend! Hope you all have something fun to do!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Humble Abode

I've always enjoyed reading blogs and seeing the 'behind the scenes' part of the bloggers life.  Yes, I love the fashion posts, gathering ideas of how to mix pieces that I already have, and reading the thoughts of someone who shares the same passion that I have; however, it's almost just as interesting to see their digs.  After all, interior design is just like fashion. You mix prints, experience trends, go out on a limb with paint colors and furniture pieces, and devote a lot of time to it.

While I am eager to try different trends with fashion, I don't have a similar eye for interior design.  I usually go for the basics with clean lines and more of a simple Restoration Hardware look. My colors are very monochromatic.  I am NOT handy AT ALL!  I don't have the patience to sit and measure or plan.  Perhaps, it's because I plan every minute as a teacher. I typically shy away from DIY projects that I'd absolutely love to jump into. Basically, I think I need help to add a little "POP" to this place!

Phipps and I live have been living in a one bedroom loft for a little over a year now.  It's plush for what you usually invision for a loft, but we still have the exposed brick, pipes, and a few cement walls. Our view of the Buckhead skyline isn't too shabby.  Atlanta isn't a city with one skyline.  You have a Midtown skyline and a Buckhead skyline.  Lovers of the city will rave about it's southern charm, but will certainly mention that the city lacks a little "nook."  Everything is spread out- it's not a walkable city like Chicago or New York. 

So here's our little spot in Atlanta.  Please know that I am extremely OCD to a fault.  I didn't do a mass cleaning prior to taking pictures.  This is a glimpse into what life is really like in our unit. 

My front door

It's in the works to take Meredith and Gwyneth's advice and paint the back of my door. If you haven't seen their door, you have to check it out!! She has amazing ideas for creating nothing into something. 

My living room

Phipps and her playdate for the day

My favorite part of the view
 The church bells ring every afternoon and the steeple shines bright at night.  Definitely a great sight when I go to sleep or wake up~ perspective!

My Kitchen
DIY #1: Paint or add a backsplash

My Bedroom
Phipps has a bedroom to the right, thru that door.

A nice, little walk across the street to Trader Joe's brings home fresh goodies. 
One of my flower favorites-

Salle de Bain

A little nook for Phipps (aka my storage closet) You can check out my other closet here.
Oddly, she likes confined, snug places to take a nap.
Her little bubble bed is right next to the cage- you just can't see it in this picture.

Thanks for stopping by! 
I definitely foresee stepping out of my comfort zone to indulge in a few DIY projects soon.
 Simply to add a little loft 'spunk!'

My best friend from back home is coming to Atlanta tomorrow to visit for the weekend.  I'll try to drop back in before she arrives.  If not, I'll be sure to instagram our fun!