Monday, January 28, 2013


a bright, new carryall // sparkles to brighten the day c/o Birds On A Wire {styled post coming soon!} //
my first May Books monogrammed notepad // my attempt to try the "laid out" outfit photo
On Sunday morning after a surprise birthday celebration with some special friends, the unexpected happened and little Phipps had to be rushed into surgery. It all started with what we thought was a simple belly ache. It was quite an emotional day. Lots of prayers brought her through surgery without any major complications or problems and have given me the strength to get through it all. There's nothing worse than two little eyes staring at you asking you to make the pain go away. *Fingers crossed* she gets to come home tomorrow to her bed, toys, treats, and kisses. We're not totally out of the woods... we are waiting on some test results; however, I am just extremely thankful that everything has worked out as well as it has thus far. 

Ben and I went to visit her tonight and she was so excited to see us! 
My eyes welled up with tears to see her so happy and feeling much better.
We spent a little while scratching her favorite spots and talking to her.
It was definitely hard to leave, but I know she's in good hands and 
will be making her way home very soon!

Oh, the things I would do for this little mutt!
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  1. Praying forPhipps ..... What happen to him? My sweet Lexie (min pin) just came home from hospital, she has kidney problems and willbe on meds for now on. And I would do anything for my sweetie pie. Can't live without my little furry angles :)

    1. Hey Lynn! Thank you very much for the prayers. Definitely need them! She had a tumor on her spleen. We got all of that out and are just waiting to hear if it's benign or cancerous. Hoping she can beat the odds! She's a unique pup, so I know she can. :) I'm so sorry to hear about Lexie. :( I hope the meds make her feel better. It's crazy how they are like little people to us. Thanks, again, for thinking about us!

      Taylor & Phipps

  2. Def in my prayers!!!! My little one is in the hospital tonight too. Took him in for some issues he was having while going number 2 and it turned out to be the Corona virus!! Dr said he should be okay as this virus rarely kills dogs, but since he's a small breed there's always a higher chance. But he was doing better today! And I cried like a little girl when I went to visit him. He was so excited but still sicky. I can't wait to have him back home, hopefully tomorrow. Hope your baby feels better too!!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Redheaded Daybook

    1. THANK YOU!! I hope everything is going okay with your little friend and that he is 'home sweet home' with you now. It's definitely tough. Phipps is home and in recovery mode now. Keep me posted.. and thank you very much for the prayers! She's like my first child- I know you can probably relate.

      Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

  3. This breaks my heart, you and Phipps are in my prayers, I can't even imagine how scary that would be. I hope I never have to go through that with my Foxy.
    xo jess