Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Workout Woes

I am waiting patiently for this moment to happen.

The past month has been extremely frustrating. I feel like the outsider at the gym now because I am not a part of the "I'm going to work out more in 2013" club.  I had a routine going- I would leave work,
head home to change, and be at the gym before 5:15. After 5:15, I could expect a little bit of a
crowd. Now, it seems that no matter what time I go every.single.machine is taken.
You have the woman running in jeans, the thug playing music from his iPod withOUT headphones, 
the jock playing the role of a ping pong ball bouncing from cardio machine to cardio machine to hit on girls, and then the snail who has no idea how to get the machine going. Not to mention, my eyes being blinded by the large amounts of brand new neon gym clothes people bought over the holidays- "maybe if I have cute gym clothes, I'll go to the gym more often." I'm officially over it.

I get so frustrated, I just leave. 
Soooo, I'm going on about 2.5 weeks of not visiting the gym in order to avoid the resolution crowd.
It's depressing.  No working out leads to a BLAH attitude.
I've been circling my neighborhood with my dog every night and the scene is getting old. 
I don't normally wish for negative things, but this time I'm hoping some of these folks will have broken resolutions in the coming days. I'm ready for the calm after the storm.

In the meantime, here are some of my gym favorites that are waiting to be used again.

*I strongly stand by Lululemon products. I have yet to find yoga/work-out pants
that can compete with Lululemon.  They hold their elasticity and actually help you out 
a little in the slimming department. They can be quiet pricey, but they are 
completely worth the investment. 

*Lululemon tanks cover the rump and the ventilation allows you to actually breathe
and stay cool while you work off the lbs.  There are several styles for all body types.

*Under Armor hair ties keep the strays away without practically ripping every strand
of those baby hairs out when you take them off. For me, they're tight enough to
stay on my head while soft enough to be comfortable.

*Newton Running Shoes have eliminated the lower back pains, shin splints, the list goes on...  BEST.SHOES.EVER! I am going on my third pair.  Newton will allow you to try them out and 
return them if you don't agree. I started out with the all-terrain and have graduated to this
particular pair. {Saving now for these... swoon!)

Here's to "smaller gym crowds in 2013!"
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  1. Girl, you don't lie... So annoying, especially in yoga. Seriously, if you are close enough to touch me with your warrior one, please get out of my bubble. Gross. Always love seeing a fellow Lulu addict ;)


  2. Haha. I love how the new year causes you to not go to the gym. Hopefully you'll be able to go again soon!