Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Maybe today I'll forgive the rude lady that knowingly threw her candy wrapper
on the ground for someone else to pick up yesterday at Walgreens and I'll
decide to exude patience and love. Good 'ol St. Valentine would approve if I did!

I'll be spending my day calming the excitement of 23 first graders who have been stuffing
decorated Valentine bags for the past week. Finally, the truth will come out on who's cute in the class!
Seeing the homemade love notes and store bought Superman, Hello Kitty, and Charlie Brown 
candy cards being passed around is enough to make me smile. It's like I never grew up!

Here's what I've been up to lately, via Instagram.
                    The Girl Scouts are back in town... and unfortunately my Thin Mints are becoming a meal replacement. 
Banana pancakes on a Saturday are THE best!
Spotted! :: Phipps and I were pinned on Pinterest by C. Wonder on their Pooch Pins board!
Leopard + Denim with my Target satchel
A furry snood on a rainy Monday
Outfit planning for a field trip in a ruffled vest + J. Crew booties
Dinner out with B... Phipps in the background thinking she's going, too.
The NE gets snow, Atlanta gets inches of rain. The duck boots definitely made their appearance this week.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!
~Hope your day of love is extraspecial~
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