Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Outfit Planning :: Silver + Gold

Like black + brown and navy + black, I am a big fan of mixing colors that used to be isolated from each other. Silver + gold is another one of those combos that I've been drawn to lately. I started with my wrists mixing my gold and silver bracelets, now it's making it's way to other places. With J.Crew's new spring collection, I find myself mixing the two with clothing. I went in to the store this weekend to return this watch {bummer the face was a bit too small for B and it's not as depicted in the picture} and I spotted these pants, a brocade print with hints of sea foam, gold and cream. I had to get out quick before making an impulse buy. After all, I have a 'humongo' vet bill to settle with little Phipps. So, here I am outfit dreaming planning to see if making the investment would be completely worth it in the long run. Leave it to me to walk in for 5 minutes and fall in love with one of the Collection pieces and not something on sale. 
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  1. Everything about this outfit is perfection:)


  2. I love this post. And especially LOVE that mixing styles, patterns, and colors is embraced these days!

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