Wednesday, March 27, 2013


It's Wednesday!
On today's agenda:
1. Teach 23 first graders how to read final stable syllables -fle, -gle, -tle at the end of words.
2. Sit in a very long meeting after work because that's what everyone wants to do after working all day, right? Ugh.
3. Coordinate with my camera man, aka Ben, to snap some long overdue outfit pictures.
4. Head to the gym to work off the 5 pounds that I have gained hibernating during this extended winter. I'll blame the gain on the weather. It's been catching the heat lately for everything...{my mood, my students' moods, my weight gain, unmotivation... we're all feeling it.}
5. Settle in to watch Nashville. I'm hooked thanks to my mother. She recommended it while I was sick, so I downloaded the season pass on iTunes and literally spent hours on my couch watching every episode. If I had a dinner table full of family to share my pit and peak of the day, this would most certainly be my peak.
Happy Wednesday, folks! We're halfway there. 
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