Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Five

Recently, I discovered the blog, Life with Emily H. She's an adorable
girl from North Carolina with a style that is realistic. While I love the high fashion blogs of
Blaire, WhoWhatWear, and Pink Peonies, I have to keep it realistic that I teach first grade
and I have to be comfortable to truly do my job. I can only imagine the looks I'd get if I
walked in to school wearing heels to read on the carpet or stand at recess duty. 

Every Friday, Emily hosts the Friday Five highlighting five events from the week. 
I think I'll hop on this little weekly trend and highlight five things from my week...

Shopbop had a 20% off sale this week, so I jumped at the chance
to finally scoop up the Joie Marciel Dress seen here on Liz and here on Kendi.
I've been eyeing this polka dot number for weeks, but couldn't cough up
the money to make the investment. With the extra 20% off and no shipping,
I bit the bullet and ordered myself an early birthday present!

It will be perfect this summer when the heat is on and clothing requirements
are nothing clingy or complicated.

This weekend has a little more on the calendar than just cleaning and errands.
Tomorrow, I am meeting up with a former student and her awesome mom for lunch. 
We've become such great friends over the years and it's been wayyyy too long since we've 
had a chance to catch up! Funny story- one day while I was teaching, I saw that "said student"
was playing around in her desk with a little notebook. I nicely asked her to put it away and 
focus on what we were doing in class. After several failed attempts to regain her attention,
I just had to know what was so interesting about the notebook. It only took one little
peak to realize she was a girl after my own heart. Inside were outfit designs that she
had been drawing with pieces that she owned or wished to own. It was her fashion journal.
That was it... A+++++ for her!

On Sunday, I will be meeting up with several college girlfriends for dinner. 
I'm so excited because we don't get to do this often. With husbands and babies in the mix now,
we have to mark off a date early to ensure it all works out! I love when we all get together.
It's amazing to see how our lives have unfolded after all these years. 

This was the first week back after spring break. It's been exciting sharing my
news with coworkers and my students. I got some pretty funny responses from
my kiddos and stories from parents about the news, but there are two that take the cake...

"So what are you going to name the baby?"
(Ummm. "NO! I'm getting MARRIED! Did you hear that right?!"
Last thing I need is a parent thinking their child's teacher got knocked up and is 
eloping this weekend! I guess in a first grader's mind you get married and immediately have kids.
I already have 23 kiddos and a dog that needs as much attention as a child, I'm good for now!)

"Miss Arnold got married on a pirate ship over spring break to
a boy who is a foot taller than her!"
(I'm pretty sure once full wedding planning mode kicks in, I will
be wondering where that pirate ship is and willingly hop on for simplicity!)

I have been battling a major decision since January and it is mentally wearing me down.
I can't disclose all the details right now for many reasons, but it's been a humbling and stressful
process all in one. I know that through prayers and deep thought, I will make the right choice.
However, I am the WORST at making a decision. I can argue the pros and cons for each
side like no other! Maybe I should have followed my father's wishes and studied law because I have convincing points for any side you want me to take. It's terrible and it's causing me to toss and turn at night. Have you ever had a decision that you just could NOT make? How did you finally decide? It's gotten to the point of being so bad that I might just simplify it by tossing a coin.

Let's end on a light note- Old Navy has the most amazing tees right now on sale.
They are Buy One, Get One Free. I picked up this cute polka dot tee to wear under blazers
for less than $10. The dots are very summery and bright.  Hurry though, the cute colors and 
styles are being picked over!

So there ya have it- my first Friday Five. 
Have a great weekend, everyone!
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  2. I'm so glad you found my blog & that I found yours! Friday Five is one of my favorite posts during the week- it's kind of my brain dump! Glad you're going to join along with me! I can't wait to read more about you & your blog! xoxo

  3. Praying for your decision! Seeking counsel from older, wiser and godly people is what has helped me in the past. Btw, is that a neat scanner on your desk?

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