Friday, April 5, 2013

spring break

I don't think I've looked forward to a day like I have looked forward to this day in particular.
Today is the last day before our long awaited spring break. My first graders are about to bust
through the windows if we don't have a day off from school soon. Once 3pm rolls around, I will
head out of the school parking lot and begin packing my bags for Aruba! 
I can hear my tires skidding now.

Ben and I are headed to Aruba tomorrow morning to do nothing, but relax.
I can't wait! Bright sun, warm weather, tropical drinks... I can't think of anything better.

While we're on the roll of things looking forward to things, several of you have been looking 
forward to the announcement of this week's giveaway with Birds On A Wire.
Drumroll please....
The winner of the Birds On A Wire Emerson Necklace is:
Jodi Brown

Please email me {}.
Laura, from BOAW, and I will get your awesome, new piece out to you!!
A huge THANKS to everyone for entering!!

Happy Friday!!!!

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