Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Update

Like most weekends, this one in particular was one that I did not want to end.
{However, being that it is summer and I'm a teacher- week days and weekends
tend to run together. I literally have to check my phone some days to figure out what
day of the week it is. I'll enjoy this for the short time that it lasts.}
(1) Ben and I started our Saturday morning off at the Farmers Market. Leave it 
to my brother and sister-in-law to buy apples and healthy snacks, while Ben and I
walked away with a bag full of mini pecan pies, banana nut bread, and chocolate croissants. Whoops!

(2) We took a walk on the beach and missed the memo on the morning training session
two girls were hosting. {Look closely towards ocean.} Tyler couldn't let this become a missed opportunity to participate from afar. {I probably should have done a few leg lifts after the Farmers Market haul.}

(3) Enjoying the BEST dinner I've ever had wearing this dress and necklace from J.Crew.
This necklace is spreading like crazy online. The Brina Box look-alike is pretty spot on and 
the price is a lot more bearable for something so trendy. I just ordered this white one
to add to the rotation this summer.

(4) Instagram followers saw these awesome Govino glasses that I snagged from Swoozie's
before our trip down to the beach. There are the best. thing. ever. They're shatterproof, 
personalized wine glasses. I used mine at the pool for lemonade and then for a little vino at night!
I like them so much I ordered a set online for my dad for Father's Day. 

(5) Thank you eBay for helping me find these J.Crew Mila Ballet Flats in my size!!
They've been sold out for a long time and I finally tracked down a new pair.

(6) My little pup checking in with the doc.  Here's to hoping her hair will 
begin to make a comeback, now that her cancer treatments are over! #hiphiphooray
{Funny that it's only her white hair. The black hair decided to stick with her on this one!}

That's all I've got! Happy 'Moan'day!
1 wake up down, 4 more to go until it's the weekend again.

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  1. I love the mindset of 1 wake up down, 4 more to go! That somehow makes the work week seem shorter! I had no idea they now have monogrammed govino glasses?! Those are my favorite for the pool and beach!

  2. So happy your poochie is doing better!!!

    1. Awww! Thank you!! So am I. Huge relief!