Sunday, June 16, 2013

weekend update

After a week of wedding planning appointments, researching photographers, videographers,
flower arrangements, and table decor... I was ready for a low key weekend. I'm not the type of girl
who started planning her wedding at age five, so diving into these details has been a lot of fun, but very overwhelming at the same time. I know it will all pay off next April once it's all said and done.

I met a student of mine and her wonderful family for lunch at the pool.
School has been out for a few weeks now and I'm definitely already missing my little crew.
I had the best class and didn't want the year to end with them. It was great to catch up
with her and relive those summer days at the pool where you swam until you couldn't move.
Weren't those the best naps ever after a long day of swimming?!?!

Later that afternoon, my mom and I met with a potential rehearsal dinner venue.
We are definitely narrowing in on the details for the big day! It's my hope to have a lot of the 
details ironed out before I have to head back to Atlanta for back-to-school.

I predicted it! We took the ferry into Jacksonville for fresh seafood at the best seafood shack around
and made our way to CostCo for the Saturday madness. My Dad loves that freaking place! I stopped off in J.Crew to check out the new styles added to the extra 30% sale and walked away with these two pieces. 

That brings us to tonight... I'm sitting here watching the Miss USA pageant after a day
of spending time with my Pop celebrating Father's Day. We had a blast walking on the beach,
eating a late lunch, and opening presents. Overall just easy and relaxing. After enjoying my own set, I scooped up some of these from Swoozies and a pair of cute trunks for my dad. I'm a pretty lucky girl to have him around!

Hope you guys enjoyed your Father's Day weekend!
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