Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Monday

I apologize for the radio silence on the blog as of late. I've been camped out here at the beach helping my mom entertain friends/family and trying to finish up the 'big' items on the wedding to-do list.  I only have about a week and a half left at the beach. Since B and I will be getting married down here, my summer goal was to get as many details taken care of as I can while I am visiting. It's been great to have this time to check things off of the list and not have to worry about it during the school year, but I have to admit it has made the summer a little hectic. Have I mentioned before that I feel like the word "wedding" inflates prices 200%?!? I find myself calling for quotes and just saying it's a private party. It's really not right. Yes, it's one of the most special days of your life, but it doesn't mean you aren't thinking clearly financially and have a blank check ready to be filled in. Maybe I should have pursued a career in the rip-off, I mean wedding, industry! Wonder if it pays as well as I pay them. All while saying this, I know deep down that when the day comes, it will be just as special as I am dreaming it up to be.

On a total different note- I need your help...
When I wasn't entertaining with mom or finalizing contracts for the wedding, I was giving the blog a mini face-lift to simplify and doing a little 'creativity' research.  I started my blog as an outlet for my love for fashion. I've said it before, but I became a teacher 10 years ago and I absolutely love it, but there's a little part of me that would love to be surrounded by fabrics and prints to mix and match for a living. I took this weekend to read a few of my favorite blogs in depth and really search for the direction I want to take with this 'ol blog. As a blog reader, I enjoy seeing outfit posts, so I know that comes with the territory. Photoshop collages don't always help to visualize how an outfit will truly turn out. But, I wanted my blog to be more of a journal. I love looking back at my old calendars {yep, I save them} and seeing exactly what I was doing on this day three, four, and five years ago. It helps me to put life in perspective, maintain and create new goals, and realize just how grateful I am. I didn't realize when I started blogging how hard it is to relay the real YOU on a computer screen. Great blogging ideas can pop into my head as I am out and about, but when I come home to upload a picture or transfer my experience to the computer screen, the music stops. It's like someone has ripped the needle off the record box. Soooo this weekend, I got out a little notebook and I've brainstormed a few ideas to help me maintain a little bit of a routine on here. I've got a few ideas and have already tried out a few things on here that I didn't LOVE, but I want to hear from you guys. What do you enjoy seeing on blogs? What would you like to see more of? 
I'm going to focus more on quality posts versus the quantity of my posts. It makes it easier to balance life and this blog. I'll be sure to do a few posts a week. You can bet on outfit posts here and there, weekly weakness lists, and a few little odds-n-ends, but I need your help. Friends and family you aren't excluded from this!
 Shoot me an email Appreciate it!!

I'll leave you with this to start your Monday morning...

They're baaaaackkk!!

Check back tomorrow to see a few pieces that made my first edition of my Weekly Weakness List. 
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  1. I love the style of the posts on your blog - you're a natural writer and I especially enjoy when you include bits from your life - work, wedding, activities etc. It's nice to read about how other people live and deal with similar situations :)