Monday, July 29, 2013

Life Lately

Peach Gingham is now a legit website.
Yep, sitting on the couch last night watching Big Brother, Phipps and I decided to take the plunge and become a member of the .com gang. You can visit the blog at whenever or wherever you'd like. So if you can't sleep, come on over! If you're bored in a meeting, yep- you can find us here. Welcome to our new home!

Today is my last official day of summer. I start back to work tomorrow with a day full of meetings and new year introductions.  I am thrilled to return back to a school where I taught for several years. It will be nice to see old friends and familiar faces. But, I've enjoyed these lazy days in sun, spending time with my mom, watching late night Big Brother feeds, sleeping in, and wedding planning. Life is going to be rough when that 'ol alarm clock starts screaming at 5:30 am tomorrow.

Here's the going-ons around here lately...
We've had a few dinners out and drinks with friends and family these past two weeks. 
Since I was gone for month, there was a lot of catching up to do!
My return to Atlanta has looked like this:
*drinks with friends
*arrival of my best friend's little one
*my mom drove up here to help me with my classroom set up
*ben's mom in town/ dinner out with our moms
*more of ben's family in town later that week for a FUN birthday celebration for him
It's been a busy week and a half! 
I'll be quite sad when the monotony of a work schedule and routine of normal life returns!
Summer used to feel like it lasted forever.
new Container Store desk and shelves in my classroom // enjoying my last days with this little lady before going back to work // meeting the prettiest and quietest baby I've ever seen
mailing out goodies to my bridesmaids // save the dates arrived~ time to get busy!

Last, but not least...
Today, I am celebrating two great people in my life.
Happy Birthday to my dear friend, Anna Banana!!
(Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a FUN day today!)
Such a goofball!!
Here's to one of our most memorable years ahead!
You truly make life more fun for all of those around you.
Mimi, Phipps, and I love you very much.

Thanks for checking in to see what's been going on.
Happy Happy Monday + Happy Birthday Benny Boiiii!
{said in my best Flavor Flav voice}
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  1. Happy Birthday Ben! These pictures are so lovely:) Did you get your save the dates customized from ABD?! If so, I can't wait for you to share them on the blog. I bet they're incredible!!!