Saturday, August 3, 2013

Insta Love

I've been in my classroom all week setting up, pulling 11 hour days, in preparation for the kiddos to arrive this Thursday. You'd be amazed at what goes into getting ready for a fresh set of first graders every August! I had all intentions of doing an outfit post here and there and updating the blog, but found my only connection to the blog world was by visiting my favorite Instagram accounts during meetings here and there. So who was I checking in with? Here are just a few of my favorite friends at the moment. Each one gives me inspiration when I'm standing in my closet, frustrated, and struggling to find the creativity to put something together to wear for the day. Heck, I even message a few of them for advice for purchasing investment pieces. Makes me kinda wonder what I did before Instagram?
alyson_haley // kendieveryday // mrslairdypants
notes_from_monroe // onefinea // seersuckerandsaddles
shannydoots // theteacherdiva // whitneyraespinelli

If you don't follow these gals, you might wanna go check them out!
Happy Weekend!
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  1. You are too sweet! I feel the same way about your bog and Instagram:)