Monday, August 26, 2013

outfit :: alice in wonderland

We're back!!
It's been emotional, stressful, and exciting August. Definitely a roller coaster month.
Hence, the radio silence. So many things have happened. 
Get ready for a long post to make up for lost time!
Without turning this blog into a sap story- I moved to a new school (I taught there two years ago) and have been wayyyy overwhelmed with work and managing my OCD ways for getting everything done, 
I had to say goodbye to Phipps (truthfully, a one-of-a-kind dog and perhaps the hardest thing I've ever done... her cancer returned), and have been adjusting to having a puppy again. 

Ummm, yep, a puppy....Meet Crew.
Yes, she's named after the infamous,  J.Crew.
Why not?! After all, I had "Phipps" and before her was "Lenox," the dachshund. 
{both Atlanta malls}
So why not keep the flow going with dogs named after something to do with shopping?
Pathetic, I know. I'm one of those that likes different names for dogs. 
Things you wouldn't necessarily name a person. 
So here she is... making her big debut on the blog!
I did not intend to get another dog so soon. I was still pretty upset about Phipps and didn't want her to think from up there in Doggie Heaven that I had already moved on without her. (I still get choked up even thinking about it.) However, Ben and I found Crew (formerly known as "Lulu") online at the Atlanta Humane Shelter. A friend of mine knew a breeder of rat terriers and I really considered taking that route, but when a puppy from the litter was not available, I knew it was my sign to consider rescuing. 
My parents and Ben suggested that I at least go take a peek at her and could decide later.
That's like telling me to walk into a store and just take a peek and walk out empty-handed.
It will never happen. If I want to remain without, then it's best that I just stay away. 
So, I decided to go check out good 'ol Lulu. After all, going to bed at night without a furry, little ball next me was pretty lonely. As soon as we walked in, another family was holding her and checking her out. I went into panic mode as if she was already my dog. When they returned her to her kennel, I practically sprinted over to grab her before anyone else could. It took all of 2 minutes for her to curl up in my lap exactly the way Phipps did when I rescued her from the hellacious puppy mill store in a Wal-Mart strip mall almost nine years ago. I couldn't say no. 

So far, she's been the best therapy in handling a heavier work load and the loss of Phipps. 
She's a very smart dog, loves to run, could sleep for days, and keeps us laughing.
While it was a little too soon to move forward with a new pup, I'm happy with my decision.
Crew has HUGE doggie shoes to fill, but I know she'll have her own cute quirks that I will grow to love.

Introducing Crew wouldn't be right without including her in an outfit post. 
The doorman at my building saw us walking outside and immediately yelled,
 "Taylor, you look like Alice in Wonderland today." Gee, thanks!
 Not sure she was what I had in mind while outfit planning this morning. 

Hope you're having a great week!
Thanks for stopping by and sticking with us.
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  1. So so sorry about Phipps... I had been hoping and praying for her full recovery. So sorry you had to go through that. I am sure that she is happy up in heaveb to know you've rescued such a cute little Crew!!

  2. So sorry for your loss but congrats on the new cutie! Who is the absolute TWIN SISTER of my rat terrier Sophie, who I also got from the Atlanta Humane Society. Let me know if you ever want to do a puppy play date (totally not sketchy to proposition someone on the internet...haha). My Sophie love love loves other rat terriers - it's like they recognize each other or something. I live in Buckhead - totes serious!


  3. I'm new to your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I love finding fellow Atlanta bloggers:)

    So sorry to hear about your sweet dog. My two dogs are like children, so I can only imagine. Crew is adorable, by the way.