Monday, October 21, 2013

Shop :: Groopdealz

Monday night and I am finally getting around to an update. 
Ben and I spent the weekend getting a few wedding things checked off the list:  narrowing down invitation ideas, registering here and there, and writing a thank you note or two. If you start to recognize time between posts on Peach Gingham becoming less frequent, just assume I am knee-deep in wedding prep. Things are beginning to pick up again! Bridesmaids dresses are being ordered this week! eek! :)

While sitting to take a break this weekend (and to probably make another to-do list or write a reminder on a post-it), I took a glimpse at the latest email of deals from Groopdealz. I love this Dolled-Up Crystal Bracelet. The fact that it isn't the typical elastic band that you see on this type of bracelet was enticing to me.  It's the perfect piece to add to your daily stack of bracelets. It looks like it is simple and light, but just enough to make a statement. It's definitely a steal and would be a really cool gift to have on hand, just in case a birthday or special occasion sneaks up on you and you need to wrap something up!
Hope you guys had a great Monday!!


  1. Good luck with all the planning! I just go married in June! So much fun!

  2. Love that bracelet, it will go with everything. Have fun with the wedding planning!

  3. I'm wearing that exact bracelet today. It's one of my favorites. I'm a huge Groop Dealz fan. I also like Very Jane a lot, too. They sell similar things. This morning I ordered a monogrammed pashmina. So pretty!