Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'll be back on Friday with an outfit post, if all goes as planned. {I chickened out on the tripod/camera remote idea to take pictures. You're probably not surprised!} I am literally counting down until Friday. Everyone thinks being a first grade teacher is all giggles and crafts... While it can be a lot of fun and a really rewarding career, try going on a pumpkin farm field trip with 26 eager seven-year-olds, discovering a horrible case of head lice (It was NOT me!! ugh!), and someone having an "accident" on the bus. Takes the "awwww' right out of your mouth, huh?!  You just have to laugh. So today and tomorrow, I'll be meeting with 26 sets of parents for parent- teacher conferences, awaiting Ben's return tomorrow night, and enjoying every.single.minute of my day off on Friday! I'm extremely excited about this count down to the weekend. What a week! Happy Hump Day!! 
We're almost there. 


  1. Yikes! Teaching first graders sounds like taking care of babies! I'm sure they're so sweet and cute at that age though!

  2. I'm too scared to do the tripod thing too! Sounds like your kids kept you busy :)