Monday, January 28, 2013


a bright, new carryall // sparkles to brighten the day c/o Birds On A Wire {styled post coming soon!} //
my first May Books monogrammed notepad // my attempt to try the "laid out" outfit photo
On Sunday morning after a surprise birthday celebration with some special friends, the unexpected happened and little Phipps had to be rushed into surgery. It all started with what we thought was a simple belly ache. It was quite an emotional day. Lots of prayers brought her through surgery without any major complications or problems and have given me the strength to get through it all. There's nothing worse than two little eyes staring at you asking you to make the pain go away. *Fingers crossed* she gets to come home tomorrow to her bed, toys, treats, and kisses. We're not totally out of the woods... we are waiting on some test results; however, I am just extremely thankful that everything has worked out as well as it has thus far. 

Ben and I went to visit her tonight and she was so excited to see us! 
My eyes welled up with tears to see her so happy and feeling much better.
We spent a little while scratching her favorite spots and talking to her.
It was definitely hard to leave, but I know she's in good hands and 
will be making her way home very soon!

Oh, the things I would do for this little mutt!
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Outfit :: Cold Comfort

J.Crew striped tunic {no longer available} // Banana Republic sweater {no longer available} //

Chilly weekend
With a little taste of warmer temps this week,
 I'm struggling to know how to dress each day.
:hot, cold, hot cold.. that's how it goes here:

Happy Monday!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Style Wishlist

Stayed warm and cozy last night enjoying a calzone from the grille + shopping 
around on the internet. Purchasing wise, I think I've moved on to spring. 
Although, I'm not quite ready to pack up my sweaters and coats.
 I love the tailored look of this dress. 
Such a fun and classy look. 
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Friday, January 25, 2013


a fresh manicure

my's finally frrrreezzing here in Atlanta

a warm meal {that I didn't have to cook} on a cold night

a dog that refuses to sleep anywhere but almost on top of me...
normally I'd hate it, but not with these cold temps

a boyfriend who patiently takes pictures for this blog after working all day
{and then goes in to cook that warm meal aforementioned} 


gym workouts that clear my mind + make me feel refreshed

dinner plans with friends that I haven't seen in a while
{ready for tomorrow night!}

days like today that are booked with an appointment giving me the day off from work

Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outfit :: Hearts on Fire

J.Crew has had some pretty awesome sales this week.  Over the weekend, all sale items
were an additional 50% off in stores.  I scooped up these loud statement heels for a 
whoppin' $34.00. They photograph louder than they actually are in person. 
They're a fun finishing touch to any basic top or white tee/blazer combo.  

Top:  J.Crew {sold out} // Jeans:  Seven for Mankind // Belt:  J.Crew
Bracelets:  Kate Spade {sold out}, J.Crew // Heels: J. Crew Etta Cap Toe Patent Pump

Happy Wednesday!
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Outfit Planning :: Emerald + Indigo

J.Crew Boucle Peplum // Carolee Lux Peacock Chandelier Earrings //
 J.Crew Etta Pump {similar} // DSquared2 Skinny Jeans

I'm enjoying my last few hours with family before I head back to Atlanta. 
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend! 
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Outfit :: Birthday Blues

It's my mom's birthday weekend, so Phipps and I flew down to Florida as a surprise and to celebrate.
The boys all went to Vegas, so mom and I stayed in our pajamas watching Seasons 1 and 2
of Downton Abbey and caught a few sales at J.Crew today. My favorite part of home
is the water. One side of our neighborhood is the Intracoastal Waterway and the other side
is the Atlantic. It's definitely a calm break from the Atlanta pace.

Top:  J.Crew {similar} // Pants: GAP {on sale} // Belt: Old Navy // Loafers:  Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Stella & Dot {similar}, ILY Couture, J.Crew // Necklace: Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant

Feeling very fortunate to have a day off from work to spend an extra day in this sunshine.
Flying back Monday night to prepare for a busy {+ short} work week!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Workout Woes

I am waiting patiently for this moment to happen.

The past month has been extremely frustrating. I feel like the outsider at the gym now because I am not a part of the "I'm going to work out more in 2013" club.  I had a routine going- I would leave work,
head home to change, and be at the gym before 5:15. After 5:15, I could expect a little bit of a
crowd. Now, it seems that no matter what time I go every.single.machine is taken.
You have the woman running in jeans, the thug playing music from his iPod withOUT headphones, 
the jock playing the role of a ping pong ball bouncing from cardio machine to cardio machine to hit on girls, and then the snail who has no idea how to get the machine going. Not to mention, my eyes being blinded by the large amounts of brand new neon gym clothes people bought over the holidays- "maybe if I have cute gym clothes, I'll go to the gym more often." I'm officially over it.

I get so frustrated, I just leave. 
Soooo, I'm going on about 2.5 weeks of not visiting the gym in order to avoid the resolution crowd.
It's depressing.  No working out leads to a BLAH attitude.
I've been circling my neighborhood with my dog every night and the scene is getting old. 
I don't normally wish for negative things, but this time I'm hoping some of these folks will have broken resolutions in the coming days. I'm ready for the calm after the storm.

In the meantime, here are some of my gym favorites that are waiting to be used again.

*I strongly stand by Lululemon products. I have yet to find yoga/work-out pants
that can compete with Lululemon.  They hold their elasticity and actually help you out 
a little in the slimming department. They can be quiet pricey, but they are 
completely worth the investment. 

*Lululemon tanks cover the rump and the ventilation allows you to actually breathe
and stay cool while you work off the lbs.  There are several styles for all body types.

*Under Armor hair ties keep the strays away without practically ripping every strand
of those baby hairs out when you take them off. For me, they're tight enough to
stay on my head while soft enough to be comfortable.

*Newton Running Shoes have eliminated the lower back pains, shin splints, the list goes on...  BEST.SHOES.EVER! I am going on my third pair.  Newton will allow you to try them out and 
return them if you don't agree. I started out with the all-terrain and have graduated to this
particular pair. {Saving now for these... swoon!)

Here's to "smaller gym crowds in 2013!"
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Monday, January 14, 2013


With rainy weather + the muggy air, I'm wishing there was one more day to the weekend.
I'm about to head out the door to work and dreading every minute of it. 
Looking forward to coming home & kicking the feet up while wasting away 
two hours watching The Bachelor this evening!

*Happy Monday!*
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

This month, it's been pretty therapeutic to read resolutions of different bloggers who
share the same goals and expectations for the new year that I have. 
I never got around to documenting on my blog the things I resolve to accomplish over the next 
12 months.  I'm already quite happy and grateful in my little corner of the world. 
However, I have jotted down a few things I'd like to see happen in this new year.
Setting expectations and a few goals helps me avoid just settling.
These are a few items that are symbolic of what is to come in 2013...
{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9}
1. Explore going back to graduate school... Maybe Leadership this time.
2. Only pack the essentials to make traveling more fun.
3. Relax~ stop crossing things off the list.
4. Mix up the heels and flats.
5. Approach uncertainty with a smile and a positive attitude.
6. Replace naps with phone calls and quick bites with friends + family.
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

outfit :: winter brights

J.Crew Sweater
 // J.Crew Striped Button-Up // Old Navy Rockstar Cords // 
Stella&Dot Renegade Bracelets {silver, gold} //  Pink J.Crew coat {similar}

Proving when things are blistery cold + grey, there's always a bright side.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Closet Help

I don't know about you, but I have a closet that doesn't move. 
By saying that, I mean that I have so many stinking clothes in it that the hangers
won't slide to the right or left. I have to shove my arm between two sections and push with all my weight in order to pull out the one piece that I intend to wear. It's gotten a little better since
the 2013 Closet Clean-Up, but it's still pretty tight even with the 'space saving' hangers.

I've resolved to have less in 2013 and make more of what I have. No more buying just because it's a good price or because "I saw it on a blog." {Admit it, it's true!} Many blogs have posted
the essentials for a girl's closet. I've found this one that Liz from Sequins & Stripes posted a while ago to be most helpful. Regardless of the current trends, these are some pretty solid must-haves 
for any season. 

And while we're on the topic of organizing and minimizing...
I couldn't end this post without sharing this little illustration. It definitely helps
to make use of the gabillions of J.Crew button-ups that we all have {whether they
are cotton, wool, linen, or silk... striped, polka dot, gingham, or plaid}. 
This is a great round-up for wearing our favorites, so you're never stuck in a rut.

Don't forget, you can always do the "double feature" and wear two at a time!
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Manic Monday

I'm heading back into work today and I have mixed feelings.
The alarm clock will go off at 5am, it's cold, and 
I actually have to be productive prior to noon.  
I *think* I'm ready.  
I'm definitely ready to see 24 first-grade faces.

Happy Monday!!
Don't forget about the Instagram giveaway- $25 Stella & Dot giftcard!
What do you have to lose?!
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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Peplum & Bows :: Outfit

Peplum:  Zara {fall} // Pants:  J. Crew // Necklace:  Francesca's //
Coat:  J.Crew Stadium Cloth // Flats:  Tory Burch Chelsea Ballet // Bow Earrings: J.Crew

First outfit post of the year... it's about time I stepped out of the comfy pajamas.
One more day until it's back to the grind with my first grade friends.
Happy Weekend!
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the Grind

I haven't really shared personal pictures besides a few of B and I, but since this blog serves
as a way to document clothing AND my life- I'll share a few from New Years Eve.

We celebrated as a family in Sea Island, Georgia with some great family friends!

At dinner with B before the countdown.

Capturing a pic at the end of the night with my brother.

 And because the band always ends too early and refused to allow us to wobble... 
we continued with a dance party in the kitchen/living room as soon as we got home,
while the boys played pool behind us. 

Definitely sleepy and our looks show it~ New Years Day!

I arrived back in Atlanta this afternoon after a week and a half in Florida
with family. I still tear up like a three-year-old being dropped off at daycare 
when I leave my family after an extended vacation. 

Now that I am back in my home I'm ready to unpack, get organized, and
hit the ground running with my daily routine. That being said, there's been a lack
of outfit posts around here. I would apologize, but I am honestly so happy that 
my days off from work consisted of me not really getting dressed at all.
When I did have to get dressed, I spent half the morning in sweats or pajamas
and had to rush out of the door in something basic to simply grab a bite to eat
or run an errand. Nothing BIG at all!

So now that I'm back- I'm hoping the creativity will start flowing again.
It's been a very nice and much needed vacation!

Don't forget to check out the Stella & Dot gift card giveaway on my Instagram now.
{ends 1.18}
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