Monday, September 29, 2014

Behind the Blogger || Classroom Tour

I think the most fascinating thing about blogging and reading other blogs is seeing small glimpses into a blogger's life.  Looking beyond the "outfit" on a blog makes it more fun and real. I'll admit- it's kinda odd that you want to know so much about a person that you may have never even met, but it can be very intriguing. Curiosity just sorta takes over. 

A large part of my life is spent in a first grade classroom thirty minutes north of the city. My mornings start at 5am so that I can make it to my school by 7:10am. I think I am 2 for 36 in getting to school with enough time to breathe before my students arrive. Yep, I feel a little like Cameran Diaz from 'Bad Teacher' flying in on two wheels and sprinting in before the buses unload. (Nice mental image I'm giving you right now, huh?) Eh, my mornings are quite the opposite from slow and relaxing. It's what to expect with a thirty minute, traffic-filled commute. 

While it may be extremely boring for some to see an elementary classroom, I think it's important to share more about me, the blogger behind Peach Gingham

 Our reading group table

Book bag, lunch box and coat storage + the birthday wall

So, this where you can find me today… wearing this and hanging with 22 six year olds.
School Style 1

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  1. Of course you have the cutest classroom! What lucky first graders to have you as their teacher! You know how much I love that J.crew top.. it’s the best.

    1. Thanks!! Yep, that top is definitely one those classic pieces to throw on with anything.

  2. Too cute! I love the glimpse into your classroom! -Kelsey

  3. Your classroom is absolutely adorable! If we could work together, work would be that much more fun! Hope you are loving your new kiddos this year!

    1. I could not agree more! xoxo
      Good luck with all of the packing!!