Monday, September 8, 2014


After nearly a year long vacation from this little spot, I'm long overdue for an update. I can't tell you how many times I have started this post and then just deleted it, closed the computer, and continued back to life as normal. The truth is, blogging is a ton of work! Don't get me wrong- it's enjoyable and you meet a ton of amazing people that share so many similarities and passions as you, but it can be a second job. Blogging takes time and a lot of it!

This time last year, I was switching teaching positions, was planning a wedding, and trying to be a good friend, daughter, fiancé and sister all at the same time. Something had to give! I'm not going to lie- the first couple of months away from Peach Gingham felt great. I had my weekends free to just enjoy life away from my computer, Instagram, and styled posts. I shifted this creative outlet over to wedding planning and the stresses that accompany that. But, as more time passed, I began to miss my little "hobby" and the friendships I was forming through the blogging world. Blogging challenged me in a lot of positive ways! I can't tell you how many conversations I had with my mom, friends, husband, and other blogging friends (Ashley from Turquoise and Teale and Jenna from She's Just Smitten) about coming back to the blog.

Fast forward to the present moment- Wedding plans are now awesome memories and teaching life is quite normal and routine, and while I should feel completely content to just live life… something is missing. I am realizing the piece that is missing is the opportunity to express my love for clothing, sharing an awesome deal I just found, connecting with others who share the same interests, and creating an online journal of things going on in my life. I still keep in contact with blogging friends, but it's not the same when you aren't experiencing this 'hobby' together. So, I'm going to give this a go! I'll do my best to post 3 times a week with a little routine- but no promises. I'm a little rusty and need time to get it rolling again!

To catch up you since my last post: Ben and I got married in Amelia Island last April, I became an aunt to the cutest little niece, Reagan, at the end of May (the first baby on both sides of the family), and we moved into our home as newlyweds! Life has been pretty good. I'm excited (and a little nervous) about coming back to Peach Gingham.

Thanks for hanging in there and for the emails asking when I was coming back. I hope you'll continue to come back to check in! xo


  1. This post left me smiling :) SO glad you’re back to blogging!


  3. I have been checking your blog faithfully and am glad to see you back. I see you wear lots of J Crew and I too am a fan of the Crew! I enjoy how you style some of the same pieces I have but in different ways.

  4. Yay! So glad you're back! One of my favorite blogs!
    xo jess

  5. Hooray! This totally made my Monday morning! So happy that you are back, gal pal! xoxox

  6. Welcome back! I'm so happy to see that you're posting again.