Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend Edition

What a week! Ben has been out of town this week, so I've been like a kid whose parents have left her home alone for a few nights. Staying up late... eating crappy food... That's been my week. I'd love to say I've been up late doing something fun, but nah. It's conference week for my firsties next week, so I've been doing grades and writing conference reports. It goes without saying that I am ready for the weekend and ready for Ben to come home and rein in the wildness!

*I found this sweater on pinterest and was quite bummed when I clicked to see that it was sold out. When the weather finally decides to fall in line with the actual season (it's like summertime here!), I am sure I'll be throwing on these "sweatergans" (sweater/cardigan mix) day after day. I'm ready for cozy weather.

*Since this week was a rough one in the sleep department, I found this article and it's illustrations humorous. Story of my life!

Okay, that's all I've got. 20 hours of sleep in one week total has my creativity zapped. 
Hope you have a great Friday and fun weekend planned.


  1. Before I opened the post I thought that was you and an announcement that you were pregnant! I have that same image pinned... so bummed it’s sold out :(

  2. Omg that sleep article is too much. They were all on point though! The illustrations LOL!

  3. that sweater looks so cute and comfy!