I've been told that my obsession with clothing and self-expression began in Kindergarten, my first opportunity to plan a daily outfit.  My mortified mother would drop me off for school and mutter to the teacher, "Please do not judge my parenting based on my daughter's outfit."  Instead of choosing my clothes from the adorable collection of dresses and fluffy bows, I decided to focus my efforts on mocking Cyndi Lauper.  Nothing matched! I was a walking crayon box of colors.  I guess I was being 'fashion forward.'  Nowadays, anything matches and mixing patterns is the way to go.

The daily outfit selection process has always been just that- "a process."  In middle and high school, it included pulling out the latest JCrew magazine and trying my hardest to recreate the looks on the models. As pathetic as it sounds, Friday nights were spent organizing my closet by sleeve style and color. 

Fashion Merchandising was never an occupational consideration.  I knew that having style required money and retail had a bad reputation for low pay.  There was no way a girl from Hinesville, GA would be able to make it to the big "NYC" to have a real job in fashion, so I focused my efforts on teaching.  After all, I love being creative and having my summers off was also appealing.  

Fast forward to today... the growing world of blogs opened the door for me to express my love for clothing and style.  I can now teach by day and style by night... the best of both worlds!  I think blogging forces you to slow down and capture moments so you have something to actually blog about.  In doing so, you have pictures and a journal of experiences that might have just passed you by.

Coming up with a name for a teacher's styling blog became quite corny.  I tried to add a "teachery" twist to my name, but that only led to silly names that sounded like the blog of an old lady with apple earrings and huge rompers.  Peach Gingham comes from me being a Georgia peach and gingham being the one print that has remained in my closet since my obsession with clothing began. 
So, thereyahaveit! Thanks for visiting Peach Gingham.